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Day look with Collistar Transparency Collection!

Last night we published a post on how you can make an evening look with Collistar Transparency Collection, you can find the blogpost here.

Today we want to show a tutorial from Collistar that shows how you easily can make a perfect everyday-look with their new beloved collection - Transparency Collection!

Evening look with Collistar Transparency Collection!

Collistar has made a video of how you easily can create a neat evening look with the help from their products in the Transparency Collection. We love it, do you?

Spring makeup with Collistar!

The sun is starting to come out, it's brighter longer and it feels like the spring is finally coming. We're getting a spring feeling, and thought we should show you a simple spring makeup with focus on products from the beloved brand Collistar, a makeup that suit you who doesn't want a lot of makeup on you but still have a glowing look.

Don't miss that right now we have take 3 pay for 2 on all makeup by Collistar. It's valid until 1/3-15.

I'm Linn and I'm responsible over the eCommerce at eleven.se, I'm not a trained makeup-artist but I love makeup and I love to experiment with different makeup products at home in my spare time. My lovely colleague Linn is the model for this makeup.

As you can see the look is very simple. The base is light to give a more airy feeling and the cheeks are subtle contoured with a pink tone for a beautiful glow. The eye shadows are wonderful and have a beautiful shimmer, the eye brows are slightly marked and the lips have a pink color. Quick and easy with a feeling of spring!

Observe that all products can give different end colors depending on skin type and skin tone, the final result can be different from individual to individual.

Interview with Nonie Creme, butter LONDON

- Who is the typical butter LONDON woman?

"High fashion, cheeky, and sophisticated - like us! She has a clear sense of style, a naughty sense of humour, and likes to stand out in a crowd."

- Where do you find your inspiration for new collections?

"The inspiration for the butter LONDON colour range comes from my own interpretation of what I see happening in fashion. I hang my hat on delivering high fashion nail colours, regardless of how unusual, offbeat, or even downright scary they may appear at first. I've spent 29 seasons at Fashion Week - afterwards, I contemplate what I've seen and designed for specific shows, how it resonates with current street trends, and how to encompass all of that information into a tiny bottle!"

- How often do you come up with new collections?

"Fashion itself is a real muse, and I'm extremely fortunate to work with the world's top designers each season at Fashion Week to create bespoke colours. I listen to the designers talk about their collection, and they often send swatches of fabric or inspiring pictures to set the mood. Then I mix several shades as a starting point. Next, we work together, 'tweaking' the shade until it feels perfect."

- Which are your best sellers?

"All Hail the Queen, Yummy Mummy, Teddy Girl, and Rosie Lee."

- Why choose butter LONDON?

"Our brand is all about Fashion; bringing high fashion colours to our customers in gorgeous, "dressing table worthy" packaging and safe formulations. Our formulation sets the standard in nails - always 3 free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP). We use an extremely high pigment load to produce rich, intense colour. Add to that the backstage design piece I mentioned, and you are looking at one unique company!"

  • Nonie Creme
    Founding Creative Director

Nonie Creme

Interview with Kimberly Wyatt

Interview with Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls)

BM Beauty was founded by Kimberly Wyatt, 29, from Pussycat Dolls and Laura McComiskie, founder of Love the Planet. Our reporter got an exclusive interview with the star.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I'm 29 years old, I love to be creative and I'm passionate about making positive change in the world and loving life!! My blog site, www.beautifulmovements.com, is where I allow my true self to be unleashed!

How did you end up in the Pussycat Dolls?

I was at an audition for Nick Lachey, Robin Antin (creator of PCD) was the choreographer and called me that night asking if I'd be interested in doing some shows!

What was the best thing about being a member of the Pussycat Dolls?

Touring the world, meeting amazing fans in almost every country, and feeling the love and light on stage!!

How important is it to look good?

It is important to feel good and when you focus on that, the looks seem to shine through as well!

How do you take care of your body, do you workout regularly?

I do take good care of my body. I am conscience of what I put in my body and work out at least three times a week!!

Are you afraid of ageing?

I wouldn't say that I am scared of it but I am conscience of what I do now so that hopefully I can age gracefully!

Many celebrities launch their own perfume, but you have your own line of makeup. How did you get into that?

I've always LOVED makeup and constantly wear a lot being a performer and TV personality. I've dealt with problematic skin all my life from dancing, sweating, stressing and performing long hours, so finding products that don't clog or create breakouts AND don't sacrifice coverage or FUN has been an adventure that lead me to this passion for natural makeup.. hit

Why mineral makeup?

It was very important to us that the range was natural and mineral make up falls straight into that category. It's also a great medium to work with and highly versatile which I love. You can create a really subtle look or a really dramatic evening look using the same couple of products applied in different ways.

We also loved the fact that it is cruelty free as well as being vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Did you know Laura McComiskie before you decided to work together?

We had met a couple of years previously and formed a friendship through our love of the environment and of course make up!

Can you tell me about Love the Planet?

Laura set up Love The Planet nine years ago. She makes natural skin and hair care products which are now sold throughout the world and of course in Sweden. She set up the company to provide natural, fun beauty products at great prices.

What are the advantages of BM Beauty?

It's suitable for everyone! We've included products and colours which are suitable for all different skin types, tones and ages. It's all about the method of application. Colours can be built up for an intense look or worn subtly.

For which different skin types is BM suitable?

BM Beauty is suitable for all skin types. Our foundations contain zinc oxide, a natural anti inflammatory agent which is great for teenage skins. It helps to reduce oiliness and skin breakouts. It's also suitable for drier skins and aging skins. A good tip is the apply a layer of Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder under your mineral foundation. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What sets BM Beauty apart from big sellers like i.d. Bare Minerals?

Firstly, we've kept the prices down. Lots of mineral brands are really expensive. We wanted our range to be accessible to most people.

Any tips on how to use BM Beauty's products to apply a great make-up look for a party?

For a more striking evening look, apply your mineral eyeshadow wet. You'll achieve a really intense pop of colour. Eyeshadow can also be used as eyeliner when applied with water. Also, try dusting Summer Warmth bronzer over your shoulders and collar bone to add a touch of shimmer.

Marble Sparkle eyeshadow is also a great high lighter. Try applying a little under the brow bone as a highlighter as well as over the cheek bones.

Do you have any make up secrets?

Be good to your skin and it will be good to you. Apply gently and add more for the best result. More then one coat of mascara gives that lash look and a bit of darker eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid gives depth and perfects the look.

Can you mention any well-known figures that use BM Beauty's products?

Davina McCall!!! :D

Do you have any personal favourite's among the BM's products?

Marble Sparkle, Nude Lipgloss, Fairy Dust, and the Earthy Princess Collection!! :D

How has your interest in animals come about?

I think that making positive change is important and using animals for our own vain causes just don't sit well with me.

Do you own any pets?

Yes, I have a Chihuahua named CUPID!!! :P

What do you know about the beauty site eleven.se?

Laura's Love the Planet products are already stocked by Eleven.se so I first became aware of the site through that. The site is really fantastic and there is such a wide range of products available. It's also great that there is an English version!

How come you chose to cooperate with eleven.se?

Eleven.se has a great online presence and a really fresh, inviting feel. We're proud to be working with them.

How do you feel about eleven.se as a whole?

I love that they bring all the fun elements of being a girl to one place, it's a one stop shop!!!

How do think the Swedish market will react on BM beauty's products?

I hope that they give BM Beauty a try!! The makeup speaks for itself and I feel like it compliments all skin types and personalities!!!

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