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Bdellium Tools erbjuder professionella, antibakteriella makeup-borstar som är designade och framtagna av experter på makeup-borstar, i Cerritos - Kalifornien. Deras mål är att ständigt utforma nya, unika och innovativa makeupverktyg. Varje produkt är handgjord och skräddarsydd av skickliga hantverkare på Bdellium Tools fabrik.


What is the difference between the Studio, Travel, Maestro & Bambu lines?

The Studio & Travel lines are identical in hair content & shape. The only difference is in the length of the handles. The Maestro Series hair content and shape are identical to the Studio & Travel lines. However, it boasts of a nickel plated brass ferrule, which is more shiny, durable and stronger than the anodized aluminum ferrule used in the Studio & Travel lines. It also has a black handle versus the classic yellow handles of the Studio & Travel lines. The Maestro series is a more luxurious professional grade line. The Green Bambu Series is Bdellium Tools tribute to the eco-conscious consumer. Made with all sustainable bamboo handles & all vegan soft synthetic bristles.

What is anti-bacterial technology?

Cutting edge anti-bacterial technology guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold which will bring you the utmost hygiene and assist in creating a germ-free environment. All of the materials used in the anti-bacterial process are non-toxic and safe to the environment.

Why does bacteria grow in the makeup brush?

When you use makeup brushes, cosmetic residue combined with dust and moisture gets trapped in the fine bristles of the make up brush, leading to bacterial growth. Bdellium tools minimize the bacterial growth utilizing Bdellium Tools anti-bacterial technology. However, to ensure the longevity of their anti-bacterial technology, proper maintenance is still required. This means washing your brushes with regularity.

What type of natural hair do you use in the brushes?

All of Bdellium Tools natural hair bristles are either Pony or Goat hair. Bdellium Tools DO NOT use any exotic animal's fibers (sable, squirrel, weasel, badger, etc). NO ANIMAL CRUELTY is involved in the production of any of their tools.

What makes the Green Bambu Series "eco-friendly"?

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources & environmentally sound plants on Earth. It has a rapid re-growth cycle & can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment. Bamboo can also be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural techniques truly making this a Green product. On top of the eco-friendly bamboo handles is Bdellium Tools use of soft synthetic filaments that have not been antibacterial treated.

Is there a difference in how you clean the varying lines of brushes (i.e. Studio vs Maestro vs Bambu)?

No. All brushes should be cleaned in the same manner. Wash bristles with regular shampoo, rinse and lay brush flat to air dry. For more information, please visit

How do you pronounce bdellium?

bdel-li-um [del-ee-uhm]. The "b" is silent.

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