Pulpe de Vie

That's me! A small French company trying to do things well. I want to respect our earth, our harvests and our seasons. I want my products to be simple and local, and to reduce my travels to its minimum!

I was born in the PACA region (Provence), the 1st region for its organic cultivated areas in France. All my fruit and vegetables are bought fresh, packed with sun, directly from small organic producers of this region. At my small level, I offer a means of diversifying ORGANIC agricultural production.

My carbon footprint is reduced to its minimum as none of my fruit took the plane. They are all beautified locally (13, La Fare les Oliviers).

I keep this philosophy I love for everything:
  • My coloring agents are natural ochres from the Lubéron.

  • My oils (olive, almond, sunflower and camelin) come all from France.

  • My floral waters (mallow and lemon balm) come from France.

  • My entire manufacturing chain is 100% French (production, printing ,packaging).