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Capitol Colours - The Hunger Games

Denna kollektion är ett samarbete mellan China Glaze och Lionsgate Films nya The Hunger Games. China Glazes "Colours from the Capitol"-kollektion består av 12 nya nagellack inspirerade av The Hunger Games - the Capitol of the nation of Panem.

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Luxe & Lush - Inspired by the luxury of District 1.
Stone Cold - Masonry from District 2, led to this rich pewter color.
Riveting - The Technology of District 3 inspired this rich orange-red.
Hook & Line The Fishing Industry of District 4 is behind this shade.
Electrify - The power of District 5 inspired this glittery polish, but it makes us think of Katniss's fire dress.
Fast Track - District 6 is known for its transportation, and here's the color to go with it.
Mahogany Magic - A nod to the lumber of District 7.
Dress Me Up - The idea behind this one? Textiles from District 8
Harvest Moon - District 9's grain and farming inspired this shimmering bronze.
Foie Gras - District 10 probably didn't eat much foie gras, but its livestock industry is behind this shade.
Agro - The green agriculture of District 11 led to this shade.
Smoke & Ashes - Coal mining dominates District 12; this sooty but sparkly shade is the result.

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Capitol Colours
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