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eleven Club

As a member with eleven you collect points on each purchase you make with us, points that you can use on your future purchases, educations or club nights. Points are given on the actual amount you're paying, after discounts and points used. Your points can be used as payment and you can use as much of your balance you desire to use at each purchase. You can always see your current point balance on My pages, and in the checkout. Your membership is of course free of charge and you may end your membership at any time.

You get 2% return on everything you purchase, and each paid euro gives 100 points that contributes to getting you to a higher membership level.

Membership levels

eleven have three membership levels with benefits for you who loves beauty. The more points you collect the more and better benefits you can use - and trade in for even more beauty products. How lovely is that?

The levels are:

  • beauty.Member (0-24,999 points)
  • beauty.Expert (25,000-49,999 points)
  • beauty.Royal (over 50,000 points)

The membership levels are based on the total purchase amount the last 12 months. When you, as a member, have achieved the points that takes for each level you'll be upgraded to the next level and you'll keep your level the year out, and the year after that. If you can't achieve the points it takes for your membership level during the year you'll be automatically downgraded to a level below yours (you can only go down one level per year).

Club offers

We have different club offers for our members, these offers are valid during a chosen time period and for a precise membership level. Which membership level the offer includes will be communicated clearly during the offer. To use our club offers you must be a member and must be logged in during your purchase. We reserve the right to make eventual price changes and that the product may go out of stock.

End membership

You can choose to end your membership at any time. You do this by contacting our customer service. eleven has the right to terminate a end if there's suspicion that it is misused. If you haven't registered a club purchase during the past 24 months your membership is automatically ended and the points collected will expire.


We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions around eleven Club. If you still feel you have questions unanswered? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

How do I become a member of eleven?

You simply set up an account through our website here. You need to have a valid email-adress and 18 years old. If you haven't turned 18 years old yet you can sign up to get our newsletter.

Do I need to pay anything to be a club member?

Of course not! Your membership is completely free of charge and you can easily end your membership anytime you want by contacting our customer service.

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