Makeup for your eyes

Use your imagination, create wonders! Enhance your inner beauty a little extra with the help from makeup for your eyes. If you just want a neat eyeshadow, or a lovely colorful eyeliner or just a natural look with just mascara - from sparkling and matte eyeshadows to highlighters in different forms, from eyebrow pencils to eye lid primers, we've got the makeup that fits your eyes and personality!

Enhance your eye color with the help of makeup!
The eyes are often the first thing we notice on a stranger, that's why it can be good to learn the tips on how to enhance your eyes to make them more attractive.

  • Blue eyes: Use warm tones for your lovely blue eyes. Colors like gold, bronze, orange, brown and apricot will fit you perfectly.

  • Green eyes: To nice green eyes almost every color fits, so if you're green eyed you can choose among almost every eyeshadow you have to enhance your lovely color. A purple color will fit you like the hand in the glove, but also pink, yellow, blue and orange fits just great.

  • Brown eyes: Cold colors are to recommend if you have beautifully brown eyes. Cold tones of silver, purple and blue will enhance the depth in your eyes in a magnificent way!

Makeup for your eyes gives you the chance to be creative. Try for yourself and find your own way to create a nice eye-makeup - only your imagination can stop you! Psst... Apply a eye lid primer before using eyeshadow to get a more intense color and to get the eyeshadow to stay longer.

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