Swedish born, Katarina Håkansson’s illustrious makeup artistry career spanning continents, as well as her own brand, started in Paris, in the ‘80s, at the start of the super-model era. With her fresh Swedish modern aesthetic, she was at the forefront of creating the un-made-up look of skin at it’s best: natural, glowing and healthy. She moved to New York 1995 and her innovative, quick and artful light-handed touch made Katarina a favorite among the industry’s most notable photographers, editors and publications worldwide.


After years as professional make-up artist, Katarina began to notice a gap in the products she used professionally and what was available to women in the non-professional marketplace. It is then that she had a pure and simple idea: Born in basics. To conjure a new, no-nonsense method of care for skin. Designed and refined to transcend boundaries. Katarina began improvising the creation of fresh lotions and potions for her model friends based on this notion. After years of perfecting the balance of natural fruit, vegetable, flower extracts, vitamins and beneficial oils, Katarina has created HÅKANSSON. A simple synergy of multi-tasking skincare and color. Formulated of clean, naturally-based elements. Fundamental in form and function. Created purely + simply to bring the fresh unspoiled glow of great skin- even without make- up- to every kind of skin, every day.

The Philosophy

HÅKANSSON always puts nature first. No animal testing is ever used. Products are packaged in bottles that embrace the Scandinavian esthetic of form and function –soft edges, easy to hold, translucent finish, biodegradable plastic, easy to dispense and naturally, easy to pack!

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