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How started the idea to build up Mama Mio?

Founded in London by 4 beauty experts, Mama Mio is a very personal creation. After many years working in branding and beauty, we developed key products such as Tummy Rub and Boob Tube that just did not exist. We always say we are the most selfish skincare brand in the world because we create solutions for US, for exactly what we need at all our different stages in this wonderful journey of being a woman. Our skincare expertise gives us the know-how, but first and foremost we are 4 women who want to feel good in our skin. So Mama Mio really reflects our own needs and is therefore the very very best that we could possibly make.

Who is the typical Mama Mio customer?

Our Mama Mio fans are very varied - many ages, many skin types, many nationalities -but a few things unite them all. They love that we are such a positive brand, that we have a genuine heritage, that we understand what they need and when they need it. They are realists but love using products that are packed with actives. Fundamentally they are women who want to feel more confident in their skin. My favourite quote from a French woman was... 'when I found Mama Mio, I found a sister'. That is the relationship we strive for - open, honest, supportive, caring, positive. Once women try Mama Mio, they become the very best ambassadors you could ever wish for.

What products is the best sellers?
  • Mighty Moisture - our new morning, evening moisturiser, serum and primer in ONE that also includes the 60 seconds of Mama Mio Face Fitness to give you a real double whammy effect.
  • Boob Tube - because you see a change in the quality of the skin of your decolletage so quickly and it smells so beautiful
  • Get Waisted - our body shaper that is right now selling online at a rate of one every 45 seconds as a result of an amazing independent review in the UK Daily Mail. In an whole article titled 'Can you get a better body from a bottle?', Get Waisted was awarded 5/5.
What is your personal favourite and why?

Love Your Life Lines - our deep line reducer. I love it for many reasons - it is dual purpose, acting as a repair product plus a reflective minimiser; it has 10 powerful actives to repair and protect so I know it is the very best wrinkle remedy I can possibly use and almost as importantly.. I love the name. It is so positive; not Hate Your Life Lines or Erase Your Life Lines but LOVE Your Life Lines; because they are proof of a live well lived!

Why should woman buy your products?

Every single Mama Mio product is the absolute highest quality, using powerful ingredients at their maximum recommended level to ensure they really really work. For example, our cellulite cream, Shrink To Fit, is crammed with 9 actives compared to the closest comparable big same priced brand that has only 3.

We also adhere to our own very strict NO NASTIES policy for every product - zero parabens, petrolatum, sulphates, xenoestrogen, pthalates, articifical colourants or synthetic fragrances. If it is a nasty, it is a no, no for Mama Mio so you can rest assured that our skincare is effective but incredibly safe.

Daily Mail tested your products on 1st of august. What was the result?

An incredible response! It was a totally independent trial on four skincare products and ours came out way above any other with 5/5 and an expert with fat calipers stating that she could measure inch loss on both hips and waist of the tester after 30 days. We have women worldwide calling us, desparate to get a bottle of Get Waisted! We are selling at the tremendous rate of one every 45 seconds on our website. It really really shows the power of the press.

Mama Mio in Daily Mail

Why do you recommend swedish woman to shop Mama Mio at

I think the selection is unparalleled. Everything a girl could want from all corners of the globe in one website that gives super-fast delivery and great customer service. Why would you ever visit a high street when you can just cruise round and see it all!?

Will there be new products

As the Fit Skin brand you can be sure that you will see more products that have our unique combo of excellent skincare plus simple exercises - so you can lift, tighten and tone your skin PLUS lift, tighten and energise the muscles beneath. I love that 2+2=5 approach that gives women the knowhow to help with aging - and an alternative to invasive surgery!

What are your visions for Mama Mio

Now this is going to sound strange but I would love Mama Mio to become an amazing example of how to build a business where you dont just focus on the bottom line. We measure the success of our business not by the number of products we have sold or profit made. We measure our success by how many women we have helped to feel more confident; happier with their mirror reflection, at ease with themselves. This makes our whole Mama Mio gang feel so great about what we do. We are also very involved in supporting Look Good, Feel Better, the wonderful Cancer support charity. We want to work even closer with them because their goal of helping women with low confidence at such a traumatic time of their lives is truly inspirational and we love working with them.

The million kroner question ... what makes Mama Mio so different?

We are the skin fitness experts. We believe that whatever your shape, your age or your skin type, if your skin looks FIT, toned, nourished, strong, touchable and glowing, you will feel gorgeous... and if you feel gorgeous, you will look gorgeous! Our goal is to become the most recommended skincare brand in the world; women telling other women that Mama Mio has helped them feel more CONFIDENT in their skin, giving them Fit Skin For Life.

Sîan Sutherland
Founding Partner - Chief, Mama Mio Skincare