Shout with Lulu!



From a popstar to founder of a new cosmetic brand. How and why did that happen?
  • It all came about through frustration! I had been doing some interviews for a music project but it seemed that everyone just wanted to ask me about how I looked and what my secrets were. Of course, I wanted the journalists to concentrate on my album. This led to a eureka moment... I thought, why not share the secrets of my skin care regimen? And so Time Bomb was born!
And author to cosmetic books. What inspired you to that?
  • I have worked for decades with some of the best skin care specialists, therapists, chemists, healers, dermatologists, stylists and hairdressers in the business and I listened and I learned - so putting all that knowledge and my own tips into a book seemed like a natural thing to do.
Who is the typical Lulu customer?
  • Overall it is probably the 35+ woman who wants to get serious about her skin care and wants a range she can trust. However we find that with our haircare line, Operation Glam, we are attracting a whole new younger customer too so it's very exciting!
Which products is the best sellers?
  • The best-selling Time Bomb products are the Glory Days Day Cream, Flashback Night Cream and the Smart Balm Eye Cream. The key to fighting the signs of ageing is to stick to a regimen and use your products regularly. These three products are critical for any skin care regimen.
Why should they buy your products?
  • Simply because they work! I have used these formulations for many, many years and I swear by them. I am fortunate to work with a chemist who I consider to be a genius. He helped translate my blends and ideas into my Time Bomb products.
Will there be new Lulu projects in the future?
  • At the moment I am busier than ever with TV projects, (including a 90 minute documentary which is about to be screened), my music, concerts and touring and my product lines which are doing so well - so watch this space!
If you were stranded on an island, and just had one of your products with you, which product should that be?
  • Oh that's a cruel question! I cannot live without my Take-Off Time Cleanser as I am great believer in getting those dead skin cells off... But I also love my Smart Balm Eye Cream and apply it often throughout the day... And then there's Operation Glam - I don't want to imagine my hair without my Glammunition which gives my hair thickness and that extra 'oomph'. I really can't pick just one!
What do you think about
  • I am so excited that my products are now available in Sweden thru This is the first time my products have been sold outside of the U.K. so I'm obviously very happy for more people to learn about Time Bomb, Bombshell Body and Operation Glam, and have the opportunity to try them!
And last question we must ask; how was it to be around and be a popstar during swinging 60'ies?
  • It was an incredible experience to be part of this amazing decade - I met and worked with some true musical geniuses. We were all young, doing what we loved, traveling and having fun. But it was also a lot of hard work and so busy you realise how unique a decade it was mostly in retrospect! To me, at the time, having a Beatle to tea didn't seem that unusual!