Betty Hula - nytt märke med inspiration från Hawaii


How did Betty Hula Start?

Betty Hula came about when 4 friends sat down to make a ointment for another friends chronic eczema. Bored of all of the medical type products out there, Betty Hula was born. With a focus on Honest, natural beauty packaged in unique retro designs and with unique scents that will make our customers smell as good as their skin feels.

Betty Hula - the brand

Betty Hula aims to bring all of the benefits of Boutique skincare and packaging in convenient shopping locations and without designer prices. Our range is all handmade to ensure the highest quality as is all of our packing to ensure your bathroom looks as good as your skin after using Betty Hula. Over the rest of this year Betty Hula will be releasing a wonder hand cream, lip butters and many more lovely lotions and potions to leave your body and mind feeling soothed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

What is Betty Hula good for?

Betty Hula has been carefully formulated for all skin types but specifically very sensitive skin. Our initial range - Bettys Big Tub of good & The Secret Oil are very specific in their benefits. Bettys big tub of good is a good all round body moisturiser which natural ingredients are combined in such a way as to rejuvenate and rehydrate tired and damaged skin cells even on the most sensitive of skin types leading to repair and protection for the day ahead. The Secret Oil on the other hand is perfect of specific spots of damaged skin or the face. Perfect for reducing stretch marks, wrinkles and overall soothing of skin irritations such as eczema.

by: Alistair Cullen from Betty Hula.

Betty Hula

Betty Hula