Intervju med Nonie Creme från butter LONDON


I samband med lanseringen av butter LONDON så fick vi chansen att intervjua Nonie Creme som är Founding Creative Director! Hon berättar bland annat hur de hämtar sin inspiration till sina kollektioner, vem den typiska london Butter-kvinnan är och varför man ska välja ett nagellack från butter LONDON.

- Who is the typical butter LONDON woman?

"High fashion, cheeky, and sophisticated - like us! She has a clear sense of style, a naughty sense of humour, and likes to stand out in a crowd."

- Where do you find your inspiration for new collections?

"The inspiration for the butter LONDON colour range comes from my own interpretation of what I see happening in fashion. I hang my hat on delivering high fashion nail colours, regardless of how unusual, offbeat, or even downright scary they may appear at first. I've spent 29 seasons at Fashion Week - afterwards, I contemplate what I've seen and designed for specific shows, how it resonates with current street trends, and how to encompass all of that information into a tiny bottle!"

- How often do you come up with new collections?

"Fashion itself is a real muse, and I'm extremely fortunate to work with the world's top designers each season at Fashion Week to create bespoke colours. I listen to the designers talk about their collection, and they often send swatches of fabric or inspiring pictures to set the mood. Then I mix several shades as a starting point. Next, we work together, 'tweaking' the shade until it feels perfect."

- Which are your best sellers?

"All Hail the Queen, Yummy Mummy, Teddy Girl, and Rosie Lee."

- Why choose butter LONDON?

"Our brand is all about Fashion; bringing high fashion colours to our customers in gorgeous, "dressing table worthy" packaging and safe formulations. Our formulation sets the standard in nails - always 3 free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP). We use an extremely high pigment load to produce rich, intense colour. Add to that the backstage design piece I mentioned, and you are looking at one unique company!"

  • Nonie Creme
    Founding Creative Director

Nonie Creme