Resurface challenge


It is time to do something about three months of neglect! As you may know I was in Sweden all summer, and we spent every free moment painting, wall papering, scraping, painting, weeding, and some more painting. The house we bought hadn't been renovated since the 60s and the people living there for more than 20 years before us were chain smokers. Needless to say there was a lot to do, so my skincare routine shrunk down to about 5 seconds a day (a quick splash of water while I was taking a shower).

Ever since I got pregnant my skin has gotten a lot better. If I had treated my skin like this a couple of years ago I would be covered in zits, but now it's not that bad thankfully. Still, there are some impurities, little bumps and redness. SO, I am officially taking the resurface challenge! Are you with me? Even if you've been much better at looking after you skin, the fall is a great time to kickstart your skincare routine as the change in weather can take a toll on your skin.

Here is the routine (it needs to be quick, not much time with a 9 month old) :)

  1. Apply cleansing milk over the eye area to remove mascara.
  2. Wet face.
  3. Blend one pump of cleansing milk with a blob of resurface. Massage into skin using curricular motion and a very light hand.
  4. Rinse off with a face cloth (I have discovered that baby wash cloths, the terrycloth type, works great! They're cheap, take up little space and I just toss it in the laundry bin when I'm done)
  5. Blend one drop of golden olive serum with a squirt oil-free lotion. Apply. The serum will deeply hydrate and nourish my skin and the oil-free lotion will keep it clear (the salicylic acid) and tine down redness (the aloe).

Repeat every night for 14 days. If you have very sensitive skin, use more of the cleansing milk and less resurface. I don't use the raspberry toner during this time as I get enough exfoliation from the scrub. You could use it in the morning if you wish (I am using our Green Apple Toner right now).

Are you in? Let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions!

/ Anna